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Baby Pre-Spoon Spoon Dipping spoon


Is your baby wanting to self feed?? Are you sick of missing your babies mouth??These spoons are the training wheels to feeding. There design allows self feeding for pure's and yoghurt. As the head is flat there is no wrong way for your baby to feed themselves! 


Made from eco-friendly 100% food grade silicone, non-toxic free from BPA, BPS, PVC and phthalates. They are microwave, dishwasher and oven safe (up to 450F).


This item comes with two options, either as a single spoon or two spoons of the same colour.


Never leave your child unsupervised when using this utensil. Always inspect for damage prior to use. This item is not a toy and is suitable for babies 4+ months.

Cheaper Shipping available for the purchase of just this product - $5 tracked. The item will be sent through ordinary mail Australia post if this option is selected. As this product is small and light you can order 2 spoons (or a 2 pac and single) and still get the cheaper shipping. The item will be sent through ordinary mail Australia post if this option is selected.

Weight: Single 8g, Double 36g

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great for beginners

Easy grip, soft and good for beginner use when coordination isn't quite there yet

Great for Baby Lead Weaning !!

Theses silicone spoons are AMAZING !!
The grooves are perfect for holding baby purée, or mashed foods. Baby is able to grip onto spoon and feed herself without food sliding off (compared to a normal spoon).


Great for my baby as I'm teaching her to dip it into her food

Abby McLennan
Ideal spoon feeding for bub

Love these spoons and perfect for spoon feeding - great for dipping into yoghurt or dips and then chewing on. Alot of silicone spoons are too wide/big for babies but these spoons are perfect. I particularly like that the whole thing is silicone so can be used for both ends really and can be used as a chew toy. Plus the spoons are a short length so again another point for letting baby use the spoon to self feed.

Caitlin F
Great Size and Shape

Great size and shape, perfect for first attempts to feed, my son loves this spoon and its easy for him to get food in his mouth with it.